Do as I SAY or as I DO ?

For the first time in twenty five years I was in the US on October 31, Halloween.  To my amazement (horror) so many houses in lovely neighborhoods were decorated (trashed).  Netting that gets soggy with rain was strewn across the neatly trimmed bushes.  Skeletons "decorated" the lawns which garden service companies had recently raked.  I understand that it was intended in fun; to me it looked dirty.

Hammer or Humor? Positive Discipline for Parents at the ACP

boy with hammerHere's an article written about the upcoming Positive Discipline class in Paris for the Spire magazine.  Many thanks to our sponsor, the American Church in Paris, for their enthusiastic support and for their great humeur (French for humor, spirit, attitude...). 

Keep on reading for a little laugh at myself, which led me to the springboard of new learning and family flourishing.

Sign up for the class:  First session on October 6 from 9:00-11:00 is free

or read the flyer for the full details.

Thrive as a Parent: Join Us In Paris for Positive Discipline Class

Would you like to...
- Eliminate power struggles?
- Create calm homework, bedtime, and morning routines?
- Quiet sibling conflicts?
- Find more joy, even amidst a busy life?
- Teach your chil(ren) positive life skills?

Sign up for the Positive Discipline class in Paris beginning on October 6!  Try the first session for free.

Have Fun Love Creatively Make Life Easier Grow Wiser Celebrate!