Mom's Family Calendar: Who does what and goes where when (But not why)

 by Sandra Boynton
This bestselling calendar looks great and is indispensable for families on the go. Mom’s starts in September and runs 16 full months. Spreads feature an oversized, vertical grid with five columns across (one for each family member) and the days of the month running down the left side. With just a glance, Mom & Dad can see who is doing what, and when.
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1. On Tuesday, October 28 2008, 11:47 by Denise

We're on our fourth. When the kids come home with a birthday invitation, I say, "Put it on the calendar." I know when we need to schedule meals early or late, when to go buy gifts... Now, i still need the discipline to look at it every evening to make sure I keep my head above the chaos of family schedule. And a few times I have sunk!

2. On Thursday, December 3 2009, 03:31 by suzie

Mom's Family Calendar is a great idea!
I just ordered 7 for Christmas presents.

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